Since 2014, we've helped athletes reach their athletic goals in the areas of triathlon, distance running, swimming and personal fitness training.


Our Mission

To assist athletes of all abilities to reach their fitness/athletic potential, all while balancing their personal lives with their athletic endeavors.

I can’t believe that I can now call myself a triathlete!
— Previous TRIton Training Athlete

What We've Achieved

  • Taken 50+ athletes from couch-to-triathlon finishers (for all race distances).
  • Coached triathletes to podium finishes.
  • Taught people of all ages and abilities to develop a strong core using various exercises.
  • Helped athletes develop better functional balance using different workouts to identify and correct their imbalances.
  • Taught non-swimmers how to effectively use freestyle swim strokes to compete in triathlon and participate in Masters Swim sessions.